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Grab your abundant heart meditations to open to more wealth & joy!

The Abundant Heart Meditations

The heart is the most potent and powerful organ in the body. The frequency of LOVE can travel through all time and space. It is more important NOW than ever before so that you remember the joy & love you came here to feel, THIS heals you and the planet.


When you open your life to more love and joy, you allow more of YOU into your experience here. There are so many living through generations and lifetimes of broken heartedness. Our hearts are LITERALLY being targeted by the food we eat and the products being suggested to go into our bodies.


When we remember our highest frequency is unconditional love it all flows into place. More ease in your relationships, more love for yourself, your body and infinite prosperity.


If our hearts are closed we cannot receive the love and abundance we came here to experience.


These two meditations and healing sessions will be a guide to allowing your heart energy center and your heart channel to open, to heal and to shift so that you can receive more love and joy in ALL areas of your life.


These meditations will assist with:

  • Heart tension and anxiousness.
  • Deepening your connection to body, mind and spirit.
  • Connection to God and Gaia.
  • Opening both the heart energy center and channel, when the energy in these two locations flow more freely miraculous healing can occur in all aspects of your life.
  • Healing love wounds including the broken heart, you may also find improvement in physical heart conditions.


When you receive these meditations, you'll begin to feel safe to receive and BE the LOVE that you are here to share with the world. 

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