2024 Business & Body Blueprint Workshop

It’s a perfect time of year to get clarity on your offers and to masterfully upgrade them so that they are aligned with your business.

In this intimate workshop you will have the time to create YOUR unique offers (1-2 offers can be created during this time). You’ll learn the exact strategy to create the offers that LIGHT YOU UP which will amplify your momentum and profits in your business.

You’ll see where your offer was previously mis-aligned and how a renewed perspective will create so much more clarity and confidence in your sales of these offers.

We will have time to work with one offer in each business and build the expertise within your offer which will give you the confidence to increase your sales and your monthly profit beyond 20k months.

We will identify any gaps in current sales process and you will receive the exact strategy that it will take to amplify your message, content and sales.

Most business experts miss a VITAL step that YOU will receive in this workshop. We will include your body with your business and align it to more abundance so that it is safe to receive MORE. Many entrepreneurs can hit their monthly money targets, but the residual effects are that they are tired, burned out, overweight, and not strong in their bodies. In this workshop you will learn how to make sure your offers and business can feel delightful in your body. Bringing your body into a nourished expansive state is a huge step in allowing more profit to flow into your life. We do this through the energetic body and clearing the blocks in abundance through your meridians. When your energetic body expands, your physical body follows and your business will feel your ability to hold MORE.

This workshop is for entrepreneurs that are ready to break through their glass ceiling and bring the vibrancy and abundance back into their businesses with offers they love. They are READY to include their body and choose to thrive in body business and body laying a new foundation for 2024 and BEYOND!

Let’s dive in!! Seats are limited to 10 businesses so we will have time to activate and align each business!

Here are the details. What you receive:

  • Three Hour Workshop (January 16th 11am-2pm CST) In this workshop we address YOUR offers and business and create a blueprint for YOUR business to thrive beyond 20K months. VALUED at $1333
  • You will then receive a 30 min call with Dr. Andrea, this is a systems check call to ensure your success! VALUED at $222
  • 7 Days in a Collaborative Facebook Group with other inspiring CEO’s Priceless!

VALUED at $1555 YOURS for $197 – goes up to $297 on 1/14

2024 Business & Body Blueprint Workshop

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Upgrade & Save!

A 90 min Business Assessment will create a deep foundation in creating momentum and money in your business. We will identify the gaps and create systems to create beyond your current monthly profit in a way that always includes your body!

Bring your business to the next level with ease!

This 8 week Business Accelerator is a way to gain clarity and confidence in your systems of your business. You'll find ways to clear the energetic blocks in your body and business to hold more wealth and create everything in less time! We will clear out the old and create clear easy steps to amplify your business.

Truly Embody your Next Level Business

We never leave the body behind. This 6 month mentorship will pave the way for your business to create 20K months and beyond in 20 hrs a week or less. Your body will join the fun and you'll get VIP mentorship that will allow your business to truly thrive and triple!

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