6 Month Business Mentorship


You’ve been waiting long enough.

You’ve felt the calling. You’ve known it for sometime now. AND you are ready to take the leap into the business and life you truly desire.

It’s time dear one to SAY YES! To your dreams!

You’ve created a business and you are ready to embody the magic of YOU within your business and create a massive movement on the planet.

You have taken every course imaginable… You even have a course graveyard! There isn’t another “course” perse that you require.


REALLY – it is time to take this to the level you know you are here for.

And in that, this 1:1 mentorship you will continue to focus on the energetic blocks and beliefs preventing you from taking this next step.

We will allow the business systems required for your next 6 figures and beyond to actualize to create more momentum and space so that you aren’t 40-60 hrs in your business. You are in balance with your life and business. Bringing pleasure and leisure back into your reality.


The access to the 1:1 facilitation will allow you a place to lean in during those deep dark and painful WTF moments we all have in your business. It will allow you a speed and momentum because you are not creating or building the business alone, you are in fact co-creating & aligning to MORE!

In 6 months you will surpass your monthly money targets and create NEW ones!

You will create systems that allow your business to grow into high 6 figures and beyond.

You will learn how to balance body and business and align with the joy in both! When your body is buzzing and joyful, money and business follow!


My request to you, is to STEP IT UP. Please! The world requires your magic and all that you BE. And your business is a way create the impact for a better planet! If you have been hiding. The time to step forward is now.

This next step will take a willingness to go into the depths of the places you’ve avoided. It will require you to be COURAGEOUS because you are finally choosing to be SEEN, HEARD and abundant in your business.


You will choose this because you desire the clarity in your business and connection WITH your business to create more in a way that works for your body & business! You desire a freedom you know is possible and you are DARING enough to dive in deeper.

What you receive:

    • 90 minute Ultimate Business Assessment – in this initial assessment we will use a clinical eye to see what is working, what is not and what it is you and your business desire & require! We will then develop a 6 month strategy to create and align with your multi-million dollar business! (Valued at 3K)

    • TWO 45 min sessions each month for a total of 12 (Valued at 8K)

    • ONE 75 min Abundant Body Session per month for a total of 6 (Valued at 3K)

    • M-F Messenger Support to clear the crap and create more momentum! (Valued at 8K)



    • Intuitive Offers & Sales Business Bundles: All the modules required to truly create the business you desire with your SUPERPOWERS & INTUITION as a foundation. Valued at 1K

    • Access one of my current business programs (Illumination) Valued at 4K

    • Aligned Abundant Body Meditation Series: over 400 minutes of activations and meridian alignment to clear the lower frequency emotions out of the organs and meridians (Valued at 3K)

    • Potency of You Activation Series: 30 meditations that open and align you to MORE (Valued at $500 and priceless)

Total Value: $30,500!!! YOURS for 10K Pay in Full! (payment plans available)

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