8 Week Business Accelerator

You’ve invested into several programs AND yet… not all of them have created the exact result you had hoped. You get stuck in someone else’s system of creation and we you try to implement THEIR system. When you ultimately have your own magical system. It’s time to align with YOUR MAGICAL system that creates a business beyond what is currently playing out in your world.

Together we get to access THAT! The MORE. The NEXT LEVEL.

I will show you how to connect with your business in a way that you’ll forever have the tools of creation and momentum.

I’ll guide you back to yourself so that your body can be in complete alignment with your business. This looks like way more JOY and EASE in both body and business. So often we lose track of one or the other. When we lose track of the body we become burned out and often overweight. Our business can take priority and our body is compromised. And then when we try to get back to the body the business can feel compromised. IT IS TIME – to allow both you and your business to create MORE in a way that everyone thrives.


In 8 weeks we will take the systems and offers that present themselves in our 90 min biz assessment and we implement, embody and expand.

This is where you will gain the traction you’ve been desiring because you have the 1:1 facilitation that allows you to refine the gaps and create the momentum & celebration that allows your biz to take it’s next leap into a whole new world!

When my clients choose this for their business…. THEIR ENTIRE BUSINESS & LIVES CHANGE!


We get to align you with your monthly targets, create offers you love and build momentum so that you are flowing into the next level.


After 8 weeks together you’ll look back and say DANG, I created that?!


What you receive:

Initial 90 minute Ultimate Business Assessment (Valued at 3K) – Here we identify what is working, what is not working, what is desired and we clear the clutter so that you and your body can implement and embody this next level.

THEN – you get FOUR 30 minute strategy & alignment sessions (Valued at 3K)

AND – EIGHT WEEKS of M-F messenger support for the refinement and celebration to create continued momentum in your business. (Valued at 2K)



  • Business Modules that specifically show you how to create offers you love, stay aligned and in creative strategy for continued business expansion and embodiment tools (Valued at 2K)
  • Potency of You: 30 meditations to allow alignment and clearing to receive more of you (Valued at 500$ and truly priceless!)


Total Value: $10,500 and YOURS FOR $2,222 (payment plans available)


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