An Abundant Body YOU LOVE

Doctor G works and specializes within your magical meridians, clearing through the body in a way few have experienced!

As a medical intuitive and naturopathic doctor, Dr G can scan your body and remove the stagnation and blockages so your overall health improves. This includes working on the body, mind, spirit and energetic levels. We work through releasing stored emotions in the organs AND the meridian channels, which creates out of this world results! She uses specific connections with God to facilitate the session to optimize the desired results for each client.


When you step into a session with Doctor G, literally anything is possible. Dr. G is also a Symphony of Possibility Practitioner and can hold distant healing sessions that transform your reality. We will work with the energy, the meridians, the body and your BEING. These are truly powerful 60 min sessions!


Doctor G is also a spiritual business coach, so you may utilize this session for healing OR business alignment and strategy.


What to expect:

Each session is 60 min and held on ZOOM. So make sure you are in a quiet & comfortable space.

The first 10 min we will assess what your main priority is in healing and what possible energetic, physical, spiritual and emotional blocks are present and Doctor G will assess where these are held in the body and channels.

The remaining 45 min a distance energy healing session takes place which will be potent and powerful to actualize what you truly desire in your life, body and business!


If you want more than one session there are packages and programs available! See Options!

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This digital healing session will take you on a deep journey of a higher timeline you can choose today.

The Activated Abundance Package sets you on NEW path!

This package includes 8 weeks of messenger support and an additional 3 sessions. You will begin to create EVEN more with this package and create unprecedented momentum!

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