This package is built for you to build momentum and a specific level of energetic sustainability in order to hold the next level of expansion you are seeking.

Clients will find that when they focus on healing their body, more money flows in.

When they focus on their business, their body changes.

When they focus on a deeper spiritual connection ALL of it changes.

This expansion opportunity is available for you to truly step into the next level of you AND MAINTAIN that level of you so that the expansion sticks.

How many of you have enrolled in the program, built momentum, and then it died out? Well, there wasn’t a level of expansion held for you or taught to you that would allow you to fully embody the next level of expansion that you created.

This program is specifically focused on assisting your body and your business if you choose to really allow the next level of expansion for your life.

We get to begin with a 90-minute strategy session where we map out the next 4 months together.

You will receive the Ray of Light Master your Energy as a template to give you the foundational tools to truly allow this next level of expansion and you will be guided both with strategy and body healing that will give you the frequency and tools to maintain this next level.

Are you ready to HOLD that expansion? I see it for you already!

You receive:

  • One 90-minute strategy session (Valued at 3K)
  • THREE 60-minute healing & activation sessions, one per month x 3 months (Valued at 5K)
  • M-F Messenger Support for implementation and alignment (Valued at 5K)
  • Access to Ray of Light Master Your Energy (Valued at 1K)
  • Access to The Potency of YOU – 30 days of daily meditations for organ and meridian balancing

Total Value: 14K

Yours for 3,333 PIF or 4 payments of $888

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