In Person Access Bars Sessions


Access Bars sessions allow MORE of you to show up.


It is a modality that assists in relaxing the brain and body by touching 32 points on the head. The sessions are typically 75-90 minutes and allow a lot more ease and joy to flow into your life.


You can find out more here about Access Bars: https://www.accessconsciousness.com/en/micrositesfolder/accessbars/

Clients that receive these in person sessions have some of the following results:

  • Full body & brain relaxation
  • Their brain is completely QUIET – hello! Helpful for the over thinkers
  • Things in their life that they thought were impossible completely shifted
  • Relationship to their body changed and became more enjoyable
  • They were able to create way MORE!
  • Results are no where limited to the above examples. Each client is different. I can tell you that there is NO ONE that didn’t respond to this modality that is why I love it so much.

How to prepare:

COME! :)

Bring water, salt and sugar because after your body will likely require some of these

Allow yourself time afterwards to relax, maybe go to the beach or just sit outside in the sunshine.

The session can take anywhere from 60-90 minutes


If you’d like to create a class and have your friends and family learn this modality, just ask me!


If you’d like to purchase 3 sessions and save, you can do that here: https://andreagreiner.love/products/3-session-access-bars-package/

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