Welcome to Liberated (w/love!)

A 6-month journey where we dis-entangle you from all the blocks, beliefs, and stagnation within your body that is holding you back. We work energetically, physically, spiritually, and galactically and specifically with your energetic meridians and centers for your most potent liberation.

You’ll receive weekly meditations, visualizations, and clearings to remove specific blocks that prevent you from living the life of health, wealth, and love that your deepest desires are craving. This will be specifically created FOR you! It will be potent and powerful.

We will begin with a 90-minute initial power call to lay the foundation and pathway for the next 6 months. This call will activate your abundance codes and channels that run through your body, organs and meridians. As a precise physician, Doctor G will show you how to clear these blocks so that more abundance flows through you and to you.

Then you will receive 3 calls a month with an integration week, each session is 60 minutes to focus on clearing the physical, energetic, spiritual, and galactic beliefs and blocks within your body. You’ll learn specifics on how to do this for yourself as well because the power lies in the ability to identify and know how to do this to create true freedom in your life. I am just the catalyst.

You will truly create the life of your dreams!


Potency of You – 30 days of meditations and visualizations with lifetime access that will greatly contribute to our work.

Master Your Energy – 4 weeks of self-study to bring your energy into its ultimate alignment and teach you the energy mastery that is required to live a true life of liberation!

You’ll learn what it is to TRULY and DEEPLY love yourself and in this process, you magnetize all that you desire. LOVE is the highest key to your liberation.

You’ll move from stuck and stagnate to pure bliss and pleasure in your body. You’ll reconnect to your divine inner knowing and love for yourself. You’ll become liberated in your wealth, health, and love.

You’ll learn how to clear any “dis-ease” from your body, whether it fully clears is up to you, you will have the toolbox and foundation for life. Can you heal everything within 6 months? ABSOLUTELY. This is totally up to you and your commitment to self.

You’ll be held in a truly transformational container with a healer and leader that sees your highest potential and will always maintain that vision with you even as you move into the darkest depths of yourself which holds the keys to your liberation.

It is time to LIBERATE you and create the life of your dreams!


You receive:

    • One 90-minute strategy session (Valued at 3K)

    • 3 calls a month for 6 months: A total of 18- 60-minute healing & activation sessions (Valued at 15K)

    • Messenger Support M-F x 6 months! (Valued at 20K)

    • Access to Meridian Magick: 20+ activations & modules clearing the energy centers and meridians to create the life and body of your dreams & desires (Valued at 3K)

    • BONUS – The Potency of YOU, 30 days of meditations that open your energy centers, meridians and organs (Valued at 300$)

    • Bonus Bonus: Access to any products I make while you are with me for 6 months (50% off all business programs). Access to 12 month Joyful Journey Membership! (Valued at 3K)

Total Value: $38,000+ yours for 9K!

Enroll in year long access & save!

I currently have space for 2 couples! The couples package includes 4 calls a month. You receive two 60 min couples session and each client gets a 1:1 session a month for a total of 4 calls. Messenger support is included as well! It’s a complete transformation for your creationship!

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