Meridian Magick Solution

WELCOME to Meridian Magick! The solution to clearing your energy in a way that is easy, fun and allows more of you to show up in your every day life!

Meridian Magick is a gateway to your Abundant Body. When you open this door, you’ll find that your energetics allow more of your body to feel: excitement, joy, and prosperity within it. Your body has released the stuck and stagnant emotions that have piled up over the years and once free it gets to become MORE! It’s a body that knows how to respond to life in a way that is energizing, fun, healthy, and wealthy.

Become reconnected with your body in a way that NO ONE else is talking about. Through your energy centers and meridians, your most delightful connection is when you learn how to identify and clear the emotions and how to access your meridians.


Reclaim your energy and reclaim your life! 


NOW we tune into the energy of what is causing the stagnation within your system, you will learn how to clear it and how to maintain more harmony and balance within your body. 


Your meridians are like the constellations that connect you to your infinite being. When you learn the magic of them, you become SO MUCH MORE! It’s like regaining and reclaiming your magic by reclaiming your energy and KNOWING how your energy systems work. 


We know that everything is frequency and everything is energy. And once you access the Meridian Magick Activations and dive in your life will never be the same. It is choosing YES and choosing LIFE, remembering the magical BEing you truly are here to be.


This Meridian Magick Journey is one of a kind, as a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist Doctor G has extensive knowledge of the body and the energetics of its system.  What you will gain from these activations is the knowledge and magic that lays within each meridian. You will learn how and when to activate them and HOW this changes your health and magnetism once and for all.  When we can access & warm the meridian systems consistently then we can begin to heal deeply. You’ll learn how to identify and clear your biggest beliefs and blocks AND how to create that into your greatest super power. 


Meridian Magick is for those that have tried everything else to heal deeply, yet nothing quite works! It is also for those that are TIRED of repeating the cycle of not truly healing. You have a deep sense and knowing that the meridians and energetics of your life are the KEY to shift everything. You’ll learn about each energy channel, receive weekly meditations & healings that will activate deep healing to occur along with an email sequence that truly allows you to stay engaged with YOUR ENERGETICS and gives you to the tools to create the body and life you truly desire.


What you receive in the Meridian Magick Solution: 

    • OVER 400 minutes of Activations/Alignments/Clearings and Healings for a total of 25 specific modules to clear, open and activate which will be accessible on our Soundwise App and you will have lifetime access. Modules Include:
        • An Abundant Body Session to use daily (Valued 399$)

        • An Emotional Chart to refer to when feeling stuck (Priceless)

        • Dream Frequency Activation to stay in your vibration and dreams (Valued at 100$)

        • Connecting to your higher self visualization (Valued at 100$)

        • Getting Unstuck – Never be STUCK again! (Valued at 100$)

        • Nervous System Reset for the burnt out and overworked system (eh,hem… everyone) (Valued at 100$)

        • Crown – Root Energy Center Activations (7 in total, 20+min Each – Valued at 1000$)

        • Lung-Liver Meridian Activations (12 in total, 20+min Each – Valued at 2000$)

        • A Divinely Guided Email Sequence to bring clarity to the stagnation. ($500)


    • Potency of You: 30 meditations in total that focus on clearing the energy with 10 min activations. POTENT and POWERFUL! (Valued at $1000)

Total Value: $4,300!!!

Meridian Magick Solution is YOURS for an INSANE PRICE OF $397



For those that want to take this a step further…

STEP INTO A powerful 1:1 Immersion with Doctor G where you receive one 60 min session a month for 4 months AND M-F messenger support to truly allow the depths of this work to transform your body and life!

See Immersion pricing as listed: Save with Pay In Full! – message with any questions!

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These powerful sessions allow you to create more clarity and confidence in your body and life.

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