More Money & Sales

Using Symphony of Possibilities and energetic clearing we dive into some deep money and sales wounds this month!

We are not given a handbook on loving money and sales. Entrepreneurship can feel super lonely and when we are feeling behind with money and sales it can feel even WORSE!

I have sat with hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs and have seen clients build their businesses online and there are KEY wounds that prevent them from creating the sales and profit they truly desire.

I have witnessed and observed MANY clients go through these painful places in entrepreneurship. Some gave up on their dreams of their business. Some succeeded, excelled and created massive success. I want YOU to succeed to your greatest desires in your business!

In this 25 minute clearing we dive into the wounds of: Doing this all alone, Life would be boring without the struggle, proving energy, spirituality AND prosperity, Accepting Financial Prosperity, Guilt of hiring help, Desiring a rest and not taking it in your biz, Being able to truly receive, Creating beyond 20k weeks, Resetting after a funky investment and so much more!

Once clients start to listen to this they feel SO much lighter, happier and ready to step into success in their business!

Client result with listening to this powerful 24 min clearing have received the following results with similar clearings:

  • Riley, an amazing client hit a 2300$ sale within 10 min of starting the clearing
  • Diana received 5 new clients in one day
  • Jillian received 3 new clients and sold several packages within a few days
  • Amber received a client immediately after listening, she found more ease in her body and healed a relationship with a loved one!
  • Ariana realized how deep her abandonment wounds truly are and was able to feel so much more comfortable in her sales and business.
  • Alicia said that after the first day she got so much more clarity on her pricing, created packages she loves and feels SO much more embodied!

I am SO excited for you to dive into this! What outrageous success is on the other side of these blocks??!

More Money & Sales

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