#MorePlease Body Workshop


The #MorePlease Series is FULL with SEVEN huge Workshops! We began the series with the Money Workshop, it was HOT! So if you didn’t get the first workshop, you can still access it by buying it individually or as a whole series!


NOW we are moving into the #MorePlease Body Workshop. We will deepen your connection to your body. So many have lost the ability and time to connect more deeply within your body. It wasn’t safe. It wasn’t something you were taught to trust AND you saw so many people avoid being in their body.


This workshop is for you if you know you have trust issues with yourself, your body and the universe.


This is for you if you simply don’t know how to love your body. So often we look for the love from a partner and won’t receive it because, plainly, we don’t love ourselves! Let’s clear this once and for all. In order to create a strong beautiful body, it is important to love your body in the NOW. Then we can ask for MORE!


This workshop is for you if you’d like to unlock the magic of your body. You know you can heal. You know you are more powerful AND YET you haven’t unlocked your highest potential (YET!).


You are tired of running the rat race, around and around. And now, you are ready to deepen your connection within. To trust. To love. To BE the magic that you are here to BE.


In this 90 min workshop, we will clear the primary limiting beliefs and blocks that are preventing you from connecting to your body. From the presence and embodiment that will allow all of the MOREPLEASE energy to flow to you.

  • You will receive the exact system to connect to your body daily!
  • You’ll discover the primary meridians that are preventing you from this deep inner connection.
  • You’ll receive a specific EFT taping sequence for healing your body, rebuilding trust and love!
  • A specific clearing for you to listen to on repeat for a deeper connection and joy in your body.
  • A daily routine that will bring you that body you truly desire.
  • Lifetime access to the recording – access all calls in soundwise!
  • A 20 min 1:1 attunement call with Dr. Andrea! (valued at 197)
  • Bonus! Lifetime Access to Potency of You – clearing the energetic centers and meridians for more of you to show up!

Total Value: 850$ – yours for 97$

If you’d like to purchase the whole series you can do that now. You will receive all the previous workshops and recordings! Every 2-3 weeks the #MorePlease Series will have a 90 min workshop. We will cover: money, clients, business, relationships, body, sex and trust (not in any specific order) When you purchase as bulk order you will save 200$!

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Allow the abundance of your body to bring abundance to your life!

A 60 min Abundant Body Session that will truly create more for your life!

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