#MorePlease Money Edition!


The #MorePlease Series will be one you want to join! We will begin this series with the Money Edition. You can purchase each edition individually or as a package (more on that soon).


#MorePlease Money Edition has been inspired because so many clients have found it difficult to ask for more EVERY day. And when we can ask for MORE everyday, you can truly receive more.


This money edition is for you if you’ve felt like you are asking for more and yet what you are asking for isn’t coming. It is for those that have money blocks and beliefs that just haven’t released. It is for those that KNOW they are here to experience a greater abundance and overflow.


In this 90 min workshop, we will clear the primary limiting beliefs and blocks that are preventing you from receiving the MORE. For instance: Clear all the times you asked for more as a child and you were ridiculed for even asking!

  • You will receive the exact system to receive more money!
  • You’ll discover the primary meridians that are preventing your body from receiving.
  • You’ll receive a specific EFT taping sequence for more money!
  • A specific money clearing for you to listen to on repeat.
  • A ritual that will allow you to sink into the faith of receiving.
  • Lifetime access to the recording.
  • A 20 min 1:1 attunement call with Dr. Andrea! (valued at 197)
  • Bonus! Lifetime Access to Potency of You – clearing the energetic centers and meridians for more of you to show up!

Total Value: 850$ – yours for 97$

If you’d like to pre-purchase the whole series you can do that now. Every 3 weeks the #MorePlease Series will have a 90 min workshop. We will cover: clients, business, relationships, body, sex and trust (not in any specific order) When you purchase as bulk order you will save 200$!

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Work 1:1 with Dr. G with this special offer!

An Abundant Body Session allows you to remove many blocks in your beliefs and meridians. And when you do this, you will receive MORE!

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