Out of Your Head & Into Life!

Welcome! I am thrilled to offer this course to assist you in unlocking your true potential.

Many of us are caught in the anxiousness and overthinking loops that are robbing us of the present moment and it’s also robbing us of a future we would truly love to create.


Being stuck in these loops can feel debilitating and “crazy” making. Not knowing how to get yourself free of your own thoughts can make you feel like there is no way out.

In the next 5 weeks you will gain weekly tools to break free from this over thinking and land solidly in your life. AND don’t worry because it won’t be boring, you’ll actually be tapped into way more magic and way more of YOU! The life you’d really like to create will come for you faster and you’ll be able to pivot out of anxiousness and into presence & potency!


You will also start to clear through the primary meridians that get blocked up with the over thinking. When we can clear the meridians, your body can follow MUCH quicker! It’s one of the fastest ways to get back into presence.


You’ll gain weekly tools that you’ll use forever to stop the thinking cycle and get you back into the expansion and spaciousness of you.


With all of these steps combined you’ll begin to regulate your nervous system.

You’ll become more energized!

You’ll begin to trust what you are choosing and creating and THIS will allow more magic to flow into your life. When I think magic, I think prosperity, joy & ease in body, business, relationships and more!


This is a self paced POWERFUL journey through all of the different types of over thinking!

You will receive the exact tools to shift from overthinking to to more ease and flow!

You will Receive:

  • Call #1: Begins with your intentions and how the meridians can be the tool that helps you clear your energy so that you can BE more of you. (Valued at 400$)
  • Call #2: Anxiousness & Overthinking – beginning a journey back into trust (Valued at 400$)
  • Call #3: Joy & Discernment – Be in a clear YES/NO which allows so much more Joy into your every day life (Valued at 400$)
  • Call #4: Fear & Flow – begin to release the fear that is blocking your infinite flow! (Valued at 400$)
  • Call #5: Frustration to Possibilities – this call opens you up to way more magick! (Valued at 400$)
  • Activations: Replenishing the Lung and Large Intestine Meridians (Valued at 150$)

    • Stomach & Spleen Clearing and allowing trust (Valued at 150$)
    • Joyful Heart Activation (Valued at 150$)
    • Releasing the Fear through Bladder and Kidney (Valued at 150$)
    • Clearing the blocked heart to more Alignment (Valued at 150$)
    • Dissolve Frustrations from the Gallbladder and allow Regeneration to flow (Valued at 150$)

  • A POWERFUL Activation on Reseting your Nervous System (Valued at 399$)
  • EFT Tapping Tool to move out of stuck and stagnant into possibilities and magic (Valued at$100)

Valued at over $3200 YOURS for 333$

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Special Pricing on a life changing 1:1 Session!

Abundant Body Sessions clear your meridians and organs of all the stuffed emotions, this allows for you to receive health & wealth with more ease. This session will be a contribution to your 5 weeks experience!

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This 30 day Money Immersion, Loving You to More has been life changing for my clients that have chosen this. They create more ease and clear the blocks in receiving more. A wonderful addition to your purchase today.

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