Reprogrammed to Heal

A 90 min workshop of inner remembrance and activation!

We have been programmed and blocked to believe that we can heal ALL OF OURSELVES! We were taught to hand our power over to folks in white coats that told us what we have to do with chemicals and medicines.

We have forgotten the potent power within us that truly allows us to heal our bodies and lives.

It is time to reclaim that inner remembrance, to activate your inner knowing and all the codes that are ALREADY within YOU.

In this 90 min workshop we will do exactly that! We will start by clearing the basic beliefs around healing and living in your vibrancy. THEN we will dive into major themes within the group to allow a deeper sense of your ability and power to heal.

AND you will receive a visualization at the end that will align and attune you to your highest health.

When you do this work you will over come any “dis-ease” with the potency and power of YOU!

This workshop is for those that KNOW that you can totally create anything with your body and life and overcome any “diagnosis”. It is also for those that KNOW deep within them that so much more is possible with their body and healing. We will clear THAT gunk. We will remind you of the infinite BEing that you are AND you will begin to connect to the powerful energetics of YOU through your meridians that will truly SET YOU FREE.

What you get:

    • 90 min workshop on February 28th 1-230pm CST (recording will be provided after) (VALUED at 997)

    • A 20 min 1:1 Follow up Alignment Call (Valued at 197$)

    • A facebook Community that will extend 1 week after the workshop to ask questions that come up after the workshop (PRICELESS)

    • Infinite possibilities to healing! (PRICELESS)

Total Value: $1,194 Yours for 97$

So excited to dive deep into this together!

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YES! I am so ready to dive into this 1:1 session

3 Sessions, 8 Weeks Messenger Support and the kickstart to your life and healing!

This 6 months transformational journey is where Dr. G's 1:1 clients truly create miracles! You won't see this coupon again! Grab it now. xoxo

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