The Joyful Journey

Life as we know it is a journey. Are you living it joyfully?
You know that joy you had as a child, the childlike wonder and appreciation they exude at all times.
In their eyes, everything is simple and they LOVE so much of life!
It’s time to get back to the joy of life. Unfortunately so many have lost their connection to joy.
We have learned to stuff all of our emotions down and into our bodies.
We have learned to be quiet.
To sit still.
To not talk too loud.
To not dance like a crazy monkey.
To not get too dirty.
And heaven forbid don’t break the rules!


Well, consider this a year long invitation to be more out of control!

Be the invitation to more joy!

Clear the blocks that are preventing you from BEing more of you.

In this Joyful journey you will learn how to identify and clear the stuck emotions through your body and your meridians. Part of this joyful gift is that you will have access to the Potency of You, 30 meditations that clear your energy centers and your meridians. A tool that will create so much more space and joy in your body!


In this membership you will be able to bring up your blocks and receive guidance of which meditation to listen to to clear it. WHOA… This is powerful stuff.

You’ll learn where, when and how to create more space and ease so that YOU can choose more joy.
You’ll notice how your relationship to your body becomes more joyful.
You’ll transform your relationship to money.
Your outer relationships will change because your inner relationship to self will have more joy.

You won’t wake up in the wrongness of you, you’ll wake up to the joy of YOU!

Now is the time dear ones. Let’s go!

What you receive in this monthly membership:

  • One 60 min Group Meridian Magic Call
  • One 30 min Group Symphony of Possibilities session – where we clear the quantum entanglements
  • One 15 min Facebook live to specifically focus on where the group is feeling sticky
  • A Facebook Group to celebrate and create magical momentum in your lives and create a joyful community of transformation
  • 10% off several of Doctor G’s offers and programs!


Bonus: The Potency of You meditation series. This way you will have the meditation tools to clear all the stuffed up emotions that are blocking the magic of YOU!

October Pricing set at 75$ – will increase in November

Call Dates for 2023:

October 10th 12 pm CST 60 min Special Call

October 16th 12pm CST 30 min Symphony of Possibilities

November 6th 12pm CST 60 min Special Call

November 20th 12pm CST 30 min Symphony of Possibilities

December 4th 12pm CST 60 min Special Call

December 18th 12pm CST 30 min Symphony of Possibilities

Each month you will receive a 15 min+ facebook live call that will specifically fit what the group is moving through. Times and lives will be open to flow.



  • YES you can leave at anytime and stop monthly payments. (no refunds for the Pay In Full Option)
  • YES you can join at anytime
  • YES all calls will be recorded and still POTENT :)
  • Yes your life will change as you are choosing more joy ;)



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