The Potency of YOU

Your frequency is your currency & energy. It is what creates a great day and what can be a cause of a challenging day. There are many energies on the planet planning on diminishing your potency & frequency.

NOW is a time to reclaim, clarify and STAND in your POTENCY.

The Potency of YOU is here as a 30 day guided journey where you receive DAILY meditations and attunements to bring the next level YOU into the world.
We will clear your energy centers (known as chakras), you will receive a meditation for each organ and meridian (AKA: acupuncture channel) and you will be continually brought back to your highest connection of you.

When you join this journey you will find that your:

Productivity Increases
Performance in life is enhanced
Relationships improve
Increased receptivity to money and wealth


Your energy becomes yours again, you are ENERGIZED for life.
Additionally you will overall feel more grounded, clear, you will have more access to love, joy, play and possibilities.
You’ll find a deeper connection with God and Gaia and remember how valuable this is in your life.
You’ll even notice that your intuition deepens and you begin to trust yourself!
When you become the next level POTENCY of YOU, life will flow in a completely new and MAGICAL way.
This was created for those that feel stuck in the mud, unclear, sad, anxious, lonely, disconnected from their bodies and God. Those that are ready to shift their frequency and receive MORE than what they are living in right now.

It is also created for those that are loving their frequency AND ready for more! To become an even clearer channel for LOVE, GOD and the impact they are here to make.
Choose to BE the Potency of YOU, because when you do life opens up in magical ways!
When you join NOW you will get a bonus of one 60 minute call group call with Doctor G on January 2nd. This call will be to clear any blocks coming up and ground in the new energies of 2023. This BONUS is only available until 12/21

What you will RECEIVE:

DAILY 10-15 min guided meditations with sound frequency and attunement to your energy systems (VALUED AT $1,000)

ONE 60 minute Group Call on January 2, 10 am CST (VALUED AT $1,000)

A FB Group to share in your celebrations and growth (PRICELESS)

Total Value: $2,000

Your price for $33

We begin 12/15! So grab your spot and get ready 😃

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