The VIP Mentorship

WELCOME! We are so excited you are here! Join us in a journey of a lifetime and become one of a few Ray of Light Facilitators and Abundant Body Masters! You’ll learn how to read and scan the body, meridians and energy to facilitate out of this world healing. Like Doctor A, who had been on pain meds her whole life and after one session was able to come off her meds with little to no detox symptoms. (ONE SESSION!)

The power of this VIP Mentorship is to be one of the best in medical intuition, healing and transformation. By learning the Ray of Light Technique you will also gain the in depth knowledge of how the meridians and energy centers play a key roll in the healing of the body on ALL levels. You’ll master Ray of Light and create a platform for your own Abundant Body Sessions.

While Doctor G was able to perceive and see energy all of her life, she completed 6 years of naturopathic and Chinese medical school and spent thousands of hours with patients to channel and create a technique that will now allow you to receive these skills and implement them in 9 months!

You will gain access to the Ray of Light Facilitator training and have 2 calls a month solely with Doctor G to master your skills and remove any blocks in becoming the medical intuitive, guide, and leader in this newly growing industry. There are no other healers facilitating healing of the body and meridians in this way! The technology is one of a kind and INCREDIBLY powerful!

Upon learning these skills your prosperity portals will continue to open and you will gain the knowledge of how to guide your clients in opening their money portals which lie within their bodies, organs and meridians. Your entire life will change abundantly!

In addition to the medical intuitive embodiment, you will also gain the foundational aspects of how to create and sustain a 6-7 figure business. This will include a structural assessment along with energetic assessments for complete embodiment of a successful business within a 9-12 month period.

There are very few programs that include the skill that this program offers along with the business strategy and implementation that you will receive when you join this Mentorship!

Through this program, you will master Ray of Light and align with the bliss that is in your body, biz and bank accounts. A dream come true.

You will access the medical intuitive skills very few have to guide your clients to the next level faster and with more power and knowing that you knew was possible. You’ll enter your own spiritual surgical room and know exactly what to do.

This will not only change your life, you will have FUN while doing it!

You will receive:

  • 90-minute prosperity and business mapping assessment call (Valued at 3K)
  • 2 calls per month for implementation and guidance x 9 months! (Valued at 20K)
  • 1 session a month with other students & clients for Ray of Light practice and skill assessment (Valued at 15K)
  • M-F messenger support x 9 months (Valued at 10K)
  • Access to Ray of Light Facilitator Training (Valued at 20K)
  • Access to Ray of Light Master Your Energy (Valued at 1K)
  • Access to Ray of Light Aligned Abundant Bodies 5 month journey into the body and meridians. (Valued at 5K)
  • Access to 1 additional business courses we choose together (Valued at 10K)

Total Value: 84K

Yours for 20K (payment plan or Pay in Full Options available)

At the end of our time together you will have completely embodied the Ray of Light healing modality in a way that brings so much more joy and ease into your client sessions. You’ll be able to read their bodies and assist them in clearing their body on all levels (physical, emotional, spiritual, and galactic). Meaning your medical intuitive and energetic skills will be next level.

You’ll have spiritual skills you never knew were possible.
Your own connection to your body and its ability to heal and hold more will be completely activated.
Your prosperity portals will be flowing and you’ll be receiving more health and wealth.
Your business structure will be next level allowing an additional 6 figures+
Your business energetics will feel SOOOOO good! You’ll love being in your business even more than you do now.
Your entire life will be up-leveled 100x!
My inbox is also open for any questions in regards to this mentorship being the right fit for you!

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