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Choose your unique path.

Doctor Andrea’s Signature Selections

The Bundles

While every service by Doctor Andrea is undeniably extraordinary and magical, we’ve handpicked a special collection that resonates with most of those who encounter her transformative touch. These services are carefully curated to address a spectrum of needs and aspirations. See for yourself if this enchanted selection aligns with your journey.

Your transformation begins with the choice that feels most aligned with your essence.

Abundant Light Within Bundle
Abundant Body Session + Ray of Light Master Form

Abundant Light Within Bundle

Priced at $497
Save $70

Discover a fusion of healing energies. Abundant Body clears meridian blockages on physical, mental, and energetic levels, while the Ray of Light Master Form provides a 50-minute Vibrational Light medicine recording for deeper healing. Together, they create a captivating synergy, guiding you toward holistic well-being and self-discovery.


The Full Body Attunement Life Bundle
The Love of Money & ME + Meridian Magick – Unlock more of YOU + Out of Your Head & Into Life + Special gift: 12-month Joyful Journey membership

The Full Body Attunement Bundle

Priced at $777
Save over $1,000

Dive into self-love and abundance with The Love of Money & ME's 30-day Money Self Study Immersion, experience magic in your body and life through Meridian Magick – Unlock more of YOU, and transition from mental clutter to presence with Out of Your Head & Into Life's 5-week program. As a special gift, enjoy a year of joy and expansion with the 12-month Joyful Journey membership, clearing blocks and inviting more joy into every aspect of your life.

Ultimate Business Bundle
Intuitive Offers & Sales + The 8-week Business Accelerator

The Ultimate Business Bundle

Priced at $2,111
Save $400

A 90-day journey where Intuitive Offers & Sales propel your business to new heights, teaching you the art of crafting offers that align with your business and body. With a lifetime template and mastery of the energetics of creation, elevate your business to a whole new level. The 8-week Business Accelerator provides the clarity, systems, and momentum needed to break through barriers, offering a transformative shift in your approach to offers and programs.

Exclusive Personal Sessions with Doctor G

The 1-on-1 Work

Product PhotosLiberated


Embark on a transformative 6-month journey designed to cultivate true freedom in your body and life. Guided by Doctor G, you'll gain the knowledge to clear, align, and activate your life beyond imagination. This intimate collaboration empowers you to envision, embody, and live your highest timeline authentically. This is not just a program; it's a profound gift to rediscover and embrace the true essence of being you.

Product PhotosActivated Abundance Package

Activated Abundant Package

Over 8 weeks with 3 LIVE sessions. Reclaim your essence as you delve into personalized sessions, clearing energy centers, organs, and meridians, ushering in increased wealth and health. Change not only your life but also your business, energy, and alignment. These sessions focused on strategy in business and/or healing and activation within your body, are tailored to your unique path forward — to a life of vitality and prosperity.

Product PhotosAbundant Body

An Abundant Body YOU LOVE

A single 60-minute session open to all seeking clarity and space to manifest the life they desire. Doctor G employs a groundbreaking approach to clear the meridians, providing an unparalleled experience. The expansion of your energetic world in this session leads to a complete transformation of your physical reality. "Abundant Body" is your opportunity to access a new level of abundance, clarity, and well-being.

Doctor Andrea’s Virtual Wisdom Vault

The Digital Products

Product PhotosIntuitive Offers Sales

Biz Accelerator: Intuitive Offers & Sales

Unlock the secrets to creating a 6-figure spiritual business. Discover the art of crafting offers that align with your passion and purpose. Learn transformative strategies to navigate moments when you fall out of love with your offers or your business. Implementing these strategies can effortlessly elevate your business from 4K months to 20K months, just like my client, providing you with the time, freedom, and impact you desire.

Product PhotosClear the Blocks and Sell with Ease

Clear the Blocks & Sell with Ease!

Embark on a 24-minute transformative journey addressing abandonment wounds, fear of judgment, imposter syndrome, and more. Break free from playing small and release control in your business. Clear doubts hindering your dreams and pave the way for 10K or 20K weeks/months and beyond. Elevate your entrepreneurial path with this powerful clearing session.

Product PhotosMeridian Magick

Meridian Magick Solution

Gain profound insights into the knowledge and magic within each meridian. Learn the art of activating them strategically to transform your health and magnetism permanently. Consistent access to and warming of the meridian systems becomes a catalyst for deep healing. Identify and clear your most significant beliefs and blocks, transforming them into your greatest superpower.

Product PhotosOut of Your Head Into Life

Out of Your Head & Into Life!

Escape the shackles of overthinking and anxiety. Over the next 5 weeks, discover transformative tools to liberate yourself from the loops that rob you of the present moment and hinder your future dreams. Gain invaluable weekly tools to break free from overthinking, allowing you to land solidly in your life. Rediscover the expansiveness and spaciousness within you, fostering a new, liberated perspective on life.

Product PhotosThe Joyful Journey

The Joyful Journey

A 12-month membership designed to bring you back to the joy of life. Clear your blocks and receive guidance on meditation tailored to your needs. Rediscover the childlike wonder and appreciation for life as you simplify and bring more joy into your daily existence. Reconnect with the profound simplicity and love for life that children exude naturally.

Product PhotosThe Love of Money ME

The Love of Money & ME

This 30-day self-guided immersion provides you with a lifetime toolkit to shift out of any money stagnation and embrace the understanding that money is infinite energy. Learn to love and embody yourself, recognizing that when you step into your authentic self, money flows effortlessly. Rediscover the infinite relationship between self-love and financial abundance, bringing it all back to you.

Navigating through numerous options can be overwhelming, but you’re not alone.

Feel free to ask us any questions — our goal is to guide you every step of the way. We’re here to assist you in making the best decisions tailored for you.

Doctor G’s Business Mastery

The Business Transformation and Expansion Offers

Product PhotosSix Month Business Mentorship

6 Month Business Mentorship

Unlock the systems required to actualize your next 6 figures and beyond. Create momentum and space, liberating yourself from a 40-60 hour workweek. Achieve balance in your life and business, reintroducing pleasure and leisure into your reality. The 1:1 facilitation provides a supportive space during challenging business moments. Experience unparalleled speed and momentum as you co-create and align with more significant possibilities, transforming your business journey into a thriving adventure.

Product Photos8 Week Business Accelerator

8 Week Business Accelerator

Discovering the tools for perpetual creation and momentum. Reconnect with yourself to align your body with your business, fostering joy and ease in both realms. Break free from the dichotomy of neglecting either your body or business, realizing that it's time for both to thrive. Let this program be the catalyst for creating more, allowing both you and your business to flourish in joy and success.

Product PhotosThe Ultimate Business Assessment

The Ultimate Business Assessment

Where your business and body's intimate connection takes center stage. We'll harmonize the clearing of meridians and emotions blocking your business's expansion, aligning it with your thriving body. We’ll dive deep into your business landscape — analyzing what's working, desired outcomes, and identifying gaps hindering the next level. Through a clinical lens, we'll assess and refine the energetics, integrating them seamlessly into your body. You’ll leave with a precise strategy to propel your business into financial freedom.

Ray of Light Master Form

Ray Of Light Master Form

Embark on a 30-day transformational odyssey with the Ray of Light Master Form. This unique offering combines education and a 50-minute potent recording, serving as Vibrational Light medicine streamed on our private server. Immerse yourself in a journey deep into your body's meridians, activating profound healing and accessing the deepest parts of yourself, ready for transformation.

This extraordinary experience includes guided visualization and healing sound, transcending traditional meditation. Treat Ray of Light as precise Soul medicine, accompanied by instructions for safe and effective use. Regardless of your background, beliefs, or health condition, everyone can benefit without negative side

Product PhotosThe Potency of YOU

The Potency of YOU

Your frequency is your currency, your energy—the essence shaping your day. In a world full of energies aiming to diminish your potency, now is the time to reclaim, clarify, and stand in your true power. "The Potency of YOU" offers a 30-day guided journey, delivering daily meditations and attunements to bring forth the next level of your authentic self.

Throughout this transformative adventure, your energy centers (chakras), each organ, and meridian (acupuncture channel) receive dedicated meditations, continuously reconnecting you to your highest self. Join this journey to witness an increase in productivity, enhanced life performance, improved relationships, heightened receptivity to wealth, and the realization that more is

In-Person Immersion with Doctor G

In-Person Events and Classes

Product PhotosAccess Energetic Facelift Package

Access Energetic Facelift Package

Where science meets energy in a transformative blend, as a skilled Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist, Doctor Andrea understands the allure of injection and needle therapies for facial renewal. However, what sets this apart and goes beyond the surface is unlocking the energetic programs and blocks contributing to aging.
Consider this your full-body upgrade, allowing your cells to remember their youth. We open new gateways and possibilities to redefine your aging experience, energetically unplugging you from toxic aging paradigms. Experience a holistic renewal that transcends conventional approaches, leaving you radiant, revitalized, and aligned with a vibrant energy.

Product PhotosIn Person Access Bars Sessions

In Person Access Bars Sessions

A modality designed to relax both your brain and body. By touching 32 specific points on the head during these 75-90 minute sessions, you invite ease and joy to flow abundantly into your life. Clients undergoing this in-person experience often report transformative outcomes:

  • Complete relaxation of the body and brain.
  • A blissful quietness in the mind, especially beneficial for overthinkers.
  • Shifts in areas previously considered impossible.
  • Transformed relationships with their bodies, making life more enjoyable.
  • Enhanced creativity and the ability to manifest more.

Results extend beyond these examples, as each client's experience is unique. Embrace a modality that leaves no one untouched.